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PROGRAM: Headlands Indian Health Careers is an intense academic enrichment and reinforcement program consisting of mini-block courses in calculus, chemistry, physics, biology, writing and other communication skills (See Weekly Schedule under Program Links).

Courses are designed to increase the student's background and skills so s/he is better prepared for required college-level math and science course work in pre-health programs. These courses improve study habits for college work, raise the student's chances of success in college, and increase the probability of admission to a health professional school. Topics are presented in a series of lectures and laboratories, supplemented with individual tutorials.

The program also informs students of the variety of health careers available, especially the need for American Indian health professionals. Special lectures concerning medicine and the healing arts in American Indian culture will be given by prominent American Indian health personnel.

ELIGIBILITY: American Indian students planning to enter health careers and presently in their senior year of high school or freshman year of college are eligible to apply.

Students must have completed at least two years of algebra and a minimum of two science courses and maintained a 2.50 GPA (A=4.0). Graduation from high school must be completed, and verification of acceptance to a college will be required prior to the beginning of the program.

SELECTION: Participants are selected primarily on the basis of:

  • expressed plans to enter the health sciences;
  • academic performance in science and mathematics; and
  • motivation and aptitude for pursuing a health science career.

An attempt is made to obtain a regional representation of students from across the nation. However, the primary consideration is to select students who will benefit most from the program.

FINANCES: All expenses are paid. Each participant will be provided with free room, board and tuition during the eight-week program, as well as round-trip air transportation. Each participant also receives a $500 stipend over the course of the summer.

WARNING: This is not a summer camp - it is an intensive and rigorous academic program. You will be expected to attend all classes and field trips, keep up with a rigorous schedule (which includes 12 hours of class, lab and study sessions per day, five days a week, with activities scheduled on weekends) and large amounts of homework, and give a formal cultural presentation (speech) concerning your tribe.

If you are expecting an easy summer or vacation, you will be rudely disappointed. If, on the other hand, you are prepared to work hard and use your own initiative to take advantage of opportunities for learning and growing, your summer with the Headlands Program will offer you a better chance of achieving your goal in a health profession.



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