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Year: Input 4-digit year 1975-2007
........(There was no 2003 progam)
Last Name:
First Name:
Search Instructions

This search works using the word "AND", meaning that if you enter two items for the search criteria, the search is executed on both items. An example would be if a search was executed with a entry for Tribe of "Navajo" and the Last Name of "Tsosie", the results would be all those individuals with the last name of "Tsosie" and affiliated with the "Navajo" tribe.

Search Tips:

How to Search

The Participants Search Engine was created to allow a very open-ended search and a very specific search using the same form.

Example - The following data is submitted.

Year - 2000

Last Name - Do

First Name - Joh

Tribe - Nav

The results would be:

John Doe, who attended the Headlands Program in the year 2000. Navajo is listed as John's Tribal affiliation.



  • You must enter data in at lease one textbox.
  • You must enter a 4 digit year.
  • The year submitted must be between 1975 and 2000.
  • The search engine will only accept text for criteria.
    • Submitting special characters like
      ( + , % , #, ' , " )
      will not be accepted and will automatically disqualify your search.




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